Chicken Tandoori Naan Sandwich

Chicken Tandoori Naan Sandwich

By Harshada
  • Serves: 4
  • Prep Time: 20 Minute
  • Cooking: 25 Minute
  • Calories:

I had always fancied having a tandoor or a barbecue at home . However, it wasnt possible , due to the bulkiness, and since we are currently nomads, shifting from city to city ,owing to the transferrable nature of my husband’s job. Yes , there are pros and cons, atleast I get to explore a new city and a new food culture every2-3 yrs…and I love breaking away from the usual routine and step out of my by comfort zone So when the “Wonder Chef Gas Oven Tandoor” ,endorsed by my favourite Chef Sanjeev Kapoor ,who I Idolise too , was introduced in the market , I was quick to grab it! And , yes the results were amazing!! Thats when my sisters and neighbours also purchased it! I just loved the simplicity of the technique, used to adapt the Tandoor over our normal cooking range. After very many days , I decided to let my Tandoor do some magic to my seemingly boring dinner plans. So my menu went Tandooorrrr …………. smoky , spicy ,yummy! Decided to make Naan’s in the tandoori , followed by Tandoori Chicken , and then make a sandwich,stuffing the tandoori chicken ,with some onions ,between the Naan’s. But some of the best things or inventions  happen by mistake I guess…. My tandoor was too hot and when I added the rolled up dough to make the naan…they inflated , and I got wonderful , fluffy Pita Breads….(the next batch happened correctly..just the naan..though i hoped it would inflate but it didnt) And another experiment ,that went successful was the onions….. I soaked the sliced onions in red wine, and some sugar and  the result was a bunch of nicely  pickled onions,retaining their crunch, beautifully stained with the red wine minus the pungence!! So go ahead and try this fusion creation of mine , you can make it even otherwise on a pan ,if you dont have a Tandoor….



  1. Mix all the marinade for chicken tikka and set aside in fridge for atleast an hour,preferrably overnight.
  2. Knead a dough using all the ingredients for naan and cover the dough with damp cloth for at least 30 mins.
  3. Pat dry the sliced onions over kitchen towel and transfer in a bowl and pour red wine and sugar over it. Let it remain for 30-40 mins. Wisk the yogurt and cream and add mint chutney,salt,sugar. Keep aside.
  4. Place the tandoor over the gas stove , using a stand if required. Put on the flame and put the lid of the tandoor and let it preheat on high flame for 2-3 mins. Roll out an elongated rectangular roti from the dough , and cut it diagonally. Place the
  5. Place the marinated chicken pieces over the perforated deck of the tandoor and cover with the lid. Cook on medium to high heat , basting with some oil ,if required. The marinated chicken can also be grilled on regular non stick pan ,using little oil.
  6. Apply some of the yogurt spread over the naan or the inside of the Naan bread. Add some of the soaked , drained onions and some chicken.Drizzle some more of the yogurt sauce and add some more onions.Sprinkle some red chilly powder over it. Serve with

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