Upwaas Specials: Rajgira Puris

Upwaas Specials: Rajgira Puris

By Harshada
  • Serves: 5
  • Prep Time: 5 Minute
  • Cooking: 10 Minute
  • Calories:

As a part of upwaas snack indulgence, made these puris with rajgira flour ( its a flour made from the seeds of a plant ..Amaranthus). Initially I was quiet unsure of the binding of the flour and rolling out the pooris, since its a gluten free flour ..but it turned to be just fine. And I was lazy enough to make the aloo subji , so served them with the Peanut and Yogurt chutney..which was a lovely combo.



  1. Mix together rajgira flour and salt with 1 tsp oil in a bowl. Slowly start adding water to knead a stiff dough.
  2. Pinch small portions of the dough and roll in between greased plastic sheets. Deep fry in hot oil till brown and crisp. Serve hot with white butter and yogurt chutney.

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