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  1. Mix Aam Panha with the gelatine water mixture ,and refrigerate to set a firm jelly , that can be chopped into fine cubes. Aam Panha /Raw Mango Squash , can be made at home , by steaming raw mango for 15 mins or till soft and mushy. The pulp is then c
  2. Once the Raw mango pulp/Panha jelly is set, chop them up into fine cubes. Add 1 tbsp water and ginger juice to it. Pour this mixture at the bottom of a tall serving glass.
  3. Shake up ,mango juice ,orange juice and vodka and gently pour in serving glass, already filled with jelly mixture. Take care , not to disturb or mix up the jelly cubes at the bottom. Serve chilled with a straw.

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