Diwali Specials: Condensed Milk Sakkarpara, Shankarpali

Diwali Specials: Condensed Milk Sakkarpara, Shankarpali

By sonali
  • Serves:
  • Prep Time: 60 Minute
  • Cooking: 60 Minute
  • Calories:

The Diwali fever grips everyone post Dussherra…Homes cleaned,decorated with fancy lightings and ofcourse lanterns…And everyone out shopping for gifts and sweets for themselves and loved ones! Whats peculiar is you get to smell mixed aroma of various sweet and savoury stuff been made in each household! I still remember our late nights,making Faraal or diwali sweets with Mom! My mom was a working women, but she still preferred making sweets at home.So a week before diwali, each day or rather each post dinner time was dedicated to making one type of diwali faraal.. Gone are those days! With lots of stores now offering readymade stuff and of a good quality, we no more take that much efforts as much our mothers had to ! But coming from foodie families,who are now used to us giving them something new evey occassion,we had a challenge to churn up something new ,or rather add a twist to the regular traditional snacks! So heres an attempt to add a modern twist to Shankarpali! Shakkarpara or Shankarpali as it is popularly known in Marathi is a very popular snack made especially during Diwali. It has a very long shelf life and hence can be carried during long distance travel. Here, I have added my twist to the traditional shankarpali by using condensed milk and magaz seeds to impart a rich flavour to it. Also instead of using elaichi powder I have used vanilla essence. The reason being most of the sweets or mithais made during diwali have the flavour of elaichi in them so to break the monotony I have used vanilla.



  1. Grind the pumpkin seeds finely. Heat the milk and sugar and condensed milk in a vessel when hot remove from fire. Add the ghee and stir. Now gradually add the maida and mix. Add the ground pumpkin seeds, the ginger powder and the vanilla essence and
  2. Take a portion of the dough and roll a thick chapati. Now using a pizza cutter cut into diamond shaped pieces.
  3. Heat ghee or vanaspati in a kadhai. Fry the shankarpali on low heat till golden.

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