Tri Layered Coconut Jelly

Tri Layered Coconut Jelly

By sonali
  • Serves: 4 - 5
  • Prep Time: 30 Minute
  • Cooking: 30 Minute
  • Calories:

I just wish it rains soon…….. Its becoming unbearably hot. Its just April so its going to be a long wait.   Here I have used the syrups which are easily available in the markets and which we generally stock up on during the summer months.   I have used khus and rose syrups which have cooling properties but any other syrups can be used.



  1. Heat a cup of water in a vessel, add the khus syrup and 1/2 cup sugar. Stir till the sugar dissolves.
  2. Take half cup of water add one sachet of gelatine and warm it till it dissolves. Add this to the khus mixture and stir well.
  3. Now put this mix in a jelly mold to set in the fridge. Do the same process with the rose syrup. After the khus jelly has set add the rose jelly very gently and keep it to set in the fridge.
  4. Heat a pan and put in the coconut milk, add the sugar. Dissolve the cornflour in a little cold milk and add to the coconut milk and stir till the mixture becomes thick. Put in a few drops of vanilla essence.
  5. Dissolve the gelatine in warm water and add it to the coconut milk. Cool it. Pour in the third layer of coconut jelly in the jelly mold very carefully. Put it back in the fridge to cool.
  6. Garnish with glazed cherries. You can use different combination of squashes. Like Pineapple and orange which go well with the coconut milk.
  7. Also instead of using cornflour you could use vanilla custard powder. This desert can be set in individual molds. Its a very good option for kiddies party where you can set these in transparent plastic cups.

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