Shahi Mutton Sukka/Spicy Mutton Chops/Smoked Mutton Chops

Shahi Mutton Sukka/Spicy Mutton Chops/Smoked Mutton Chops

By Harshada
  • Serves: 2 - 3
  • Prep Time: 30 Minute
  • Cooking: 30 Minute
  • Calories:

A beautiful gloomy day, light drizzle and some cool breeze, coupled with a lush green surroundings! Thats all you need for a perfect weekend planned to be spent at home with family. And then theres hot and spicy meal, for the hungry tummy! My last weekend was well spent , lazing at home, cooking and some more sleep! A gloomy monsoon weather prefected the plan. These Shahi Mutton Chops made the best pairing with the wines and drinks that followed! The smoky aroma infused gave a special twist to the spicy and flavourful chops. For best results, make your own garam masala by dry roasting the spices and grinding them. Use fresh homemade masala and loads of chopped coriander for flavour. Lastly, the charcoal Smoke is very essential for the final flavour.



  1. Marinate the mutton with Salt , Garam Masala and Ginger garlic paste for atleast 20-30 mins. Dry roast cashewnuts and poppy seeds and grind them to powder.
  2. Heat oil in a pressure cooker and fry the onions till translucent. Add the marinated meat and fry for 1-2 mins till well seared. Add 1 Cup water and close the lid of the pressure cooker and cook the meat for approx. 5-8 whistles.
  3. Open the lid of the pressure cooker once the steam passes out. Heat a non stick pan and transfer the cooked meat along with the stock into it. Bring the cooked meat mixture to a boil to dry out the excess stock. Now lower the heat and add the whisked
  4. Heat the charcoal on gas till red hot. Place it on a piece of foil or bowl and carefully place the foil at the center of the pan containing the mutton. Add ghee , which will release the smoke, and immediately cover the pan. Let the smoke infuse.
  5. After a few minutes, remove the charcoal and serve the Chops.

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