Prasad Sheera/Suji Halwa with Banana

Prasad Sheera/Suji Halwa with Banana

By Harshada
  • Serves: 3 - 5
  • Prep Time: 10 Minute
  • Cooking: 15 Minute
  • Calories:

The Prasadam served during “Satyanarayan Pooja” tastes different than the one you try to make at home! I’m sure many would agree with me…I loved the taste and the flavour of the Prasad Sheera served in tiny cupcake like wrappers when we visited relatives hosting the grand pooja att heir respective homes.As a child, I was always tempted to insist on a second third serving of the delicious treat,but the disciplined child image of me restrained  me from doing so! Back at home, I insisted Mom to make me some, but it never tasted like the prasad ka sheera. After all those years, when we had a pooja ceremony after our marriage at my In Law’s home, I finally discovered the secret…. A cup each of Ghee,Semolina,Sugar and ripe bananas , all churned and served in a container lined with fresh tender banana leaves made all the difference! This time, it was my toddler asking me to make a bowl full of Prasad K Sheera…and this time,I knew the trick!



  1. Heat ghee in a non stick pan and roast the rawa on low flame till light brown and fragrant. Heat the milk and water mixture simultaneously.
  2. Add the milk and water to the roasted rawa and mix. Be careful to pour the milk from the sides of the pan, to prevent the the rawa or the hot milk from spilling on the hand or body.
  3. Once the mixture is dried, add the sugar and mix till the sugar melts and is absorbed by the rawa. Add cardamom powder at this stage.
  4. Lightly mash the banana and add them to the sooji mixture. Mix together till combined. Cook on a closed lid for 5 mins.
  5. Serve hot on banana leaves. The flavour imparted by the banana leaves over the sheera is exceptional!

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