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  1. For the gajar and orange halwa: Grate the carrots. Segment the oranges and remove the seeds. Heat Ghee in a pan and saute the carrots. Add the milk and cook for 10 mins then add malai. Here add the rice flour or to make it a little richer mava can be
  2. For the Makhana Kheer: Heat Ghee in a pan and fry the makhana till crisp. Grind them coarsely. In the same pan boil the milk and add the ground makhana. Pour in the sugar. Mix the rice flour with a little milk and add to the kheer. You can substitute
  3. For the Muttar Halwa: Boil the peas till soft and grind them using a little water. Heat ghee in a pan add the wheat flour and saute on low heat till it changes colour to light brown now add the peas mixture and saute. Pour the milk and malai and mix.

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