Tondli Chi Bhaji/Tendli ki Sabzi/Tindora Sukka Masala

Tondli Chi Bhaji/Tendli ki Sabzi/Tindora Sukka Masala

By Harshada Sandhan
  • Serves: 2 - 4
  • Prep Time: 10 Minute
  • Cooking: 15 Minute
  • Calories:

Marriage does strange things to women! The home made subji’s and curries that you once despised,especially those belonging to the “gourd” category, notorious ones being Karela/bitter gourd and Laukis/bottle gourd, suddenly become your much desired ones, especially mothers home cooked versions! It happened to me as well! One of the reasons being, it was me stepping into my moms shoes, planning meal menus, shopping vegetables and always anxious in the morning, on what should be made for lunch boxes and dinners! Eventually, bringing the gourds and other vegetables was inevitable! But making your family eat it and love it is yet another task. My mantra, very clear, stick to traditional recipes! So this is a very traditional version of my Moms recipe that never fails.



  1. Wash and dry the tondli and cut them length wise,make 4 quarters lengthwise. Peel and dice potato and put them in water to prevent them from turning dark.
  2. Heat oil in a pan. Add mustard and cumin and let them crackle. Add chopped green chillies and fry for 1 min. Now tip in the chopped tondli and potato and fry. Add salt,turmeric ,red chilli powder and garam masala and mix.
  3. Add a drizzle of water and cook covered on low flame for 10 mins. Check pressing with a spoon if the potatoes and tondli are soft and can easily be cut with spoon, the vegetables are cooked. Add sugar and scraped coconut and fry on medium flame till
  4. Transfer on serving dish and serve garnished with chopped coriander. This is an ideal tiffin or lunch dry subji.

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