Tawa Kaleji Fry / Spicy Liver Fry

Tawa Kaleji Fry / Spicy Liver Fry

By Harshada
  • Serves: 2 - 4
  • Prep Time: 10 Minute
  • Cooking: 20 Minute
  • Calories:

Tawa Kaleji Fry is a simple and traditional recipe made with chicken or Mutton liver, fried with simple spices and onions tomatoes to a lovely semi dry dish. Best enjoyed with naan bread or by itself, Tawa Kaleji Fry is quite rich and often goes heavy on digestion. But the delicious taste and the burning spices makes it all worth it. Just make sure, you keep the remaining part of your meal light, to enjoy this delicacy to the fullest. We often added small bits of kaleji/liver to our mutton curries at home. It was for those little ones in the family who didn’t like or couldn’t eat the meat. On a regular sunday, that had usually become synonymous to meaty treat day, the regular mutton chops were replaced by a pack of liver. That moment seemed to me like a mystery box challenge or some ingredient challenge in a masterchef competition. It happens sometimes..husbands go overboard when someone sells them Fresh anything. The liver was indeed fresh and tender, but the task was to make a meal out of it. Having tasted Liver Fry only once at the most unlikeliest place, I chose to go by instinct and make a semi dry tawa fry instead of a curry. And Voila! The result .. a delicious spicy Tawa Kaleji Fry!



  1. Clean and wash the liver and cut into small cubes.
  2. Apply ginger garlic paste, salt and lemon juice and set aside for 5 mins.
  3. Add red chilli powder, turmeric powder, black pepper, garam masala,coriander powder chopped onions and tomatoes . Mix and set aside for 10-15 mins to marinate.
  4. Heat oil in a tawa or a flat pan and add cumin. Once they crackle a bit, tip in the marinated liver along with the masala.
  5. Mix and fry on a low heat for 2-3 mins. Add a splash of water and cover and cook for another 15-20 mins, checking every 5 mins and mixing, till the liver is cooked and breaks into soft firn pieces when broken with a spoon. Cook further if the liver i
  6. Add crushed kasuri methi and all the coriander leaves and mix.
  7. Put off the heat and transfer in a serving plate. Serve with plenty of lemon wedges and onion rings.

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