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Dunk into the Smoothie Goodness: Drunken Monkey,Thane

Most of us Ubanites have this new found love for a space that’ll give us some “space”..Literally!

A place outside the boundaries of your home or workplace where you can be alone or with your friends and not be bothered with the hovering staff to take your order, execute and slap a bill and wait for you to empty space. I love my personal space and I’m very protective about it. So when the saturation sets in, ( being a mom to two naughty boys, I need to reset myself very often) I head to a nearby cafe just alone or with my bestie to spend next few hours in peace.

Add a bit of magic in your Kitchen with ""

Festive time can be very taxing for a woman, especially if you are like me who loves giving everything from home décor to homemade sweets a personal touch! Whereas home décor is comparably simple, with those lovely traditional and modern colourful lanterns, bright diyas and floating candles easily available in the market, selecting an assortment of sweets and chocolates for my Diwali Gift Box makes me confused and sceptical too. Confused, due to the array of dry fruit and milk sweets offered during this time and sceptical due to the expense, quality and value for the amount spent.

Childhood Memories Revisited: Paper Boat Beverages..As close as it can get to “Homemade”!

When was the last time you winked to a really tangy treat, just like a child, devouring a  Khatta Imli or Kairi from a “thela” outside school? Or hid yourself in a secret corner of your home to enjoy your hidden treat all by yourself?

It’s been long since I’ve been childishly selfish. You see we adults, especially Indian women have an unsaid code of conduct, failing which you attract the wrath and gossip of grand moms, aunties and nosy neighbours! But then, it’s both fun and refreshing to let yourself loose sometimes! I was pleasantly surprised to find myself getting into the childhood me, thanks to those yummy tangy drinks that Paper Boat sent my way.

Farzi Cafe : Enjoy a Farzified Culinary Ride #FarziFeast #FBAISoiree

There are some food places that are on every foodie's list. The frequently hash-tagged,instagrammed ones, others from epic legendary joints consistently serving great food over many years and a few out of curiosity. For us, Farzi Cafe qualified in all of the above categories. Molecular Gastronomy, Fusion Food is picking up in India, and Farzi Cafe is a place giving you a pocket friendly yet elite culinary experience! Even if the above terms sound very scientific and western, what you get on our plate is very much Indian, with a Farzi Twist of course! They love to call it Farzified!