Dunk into the Smoothie Goodness: Drunken Monkey,Thane

By Harshada Sandhan

Most of us Ubanites have this new found love for a space that’ll give us some “space”..Literally!

A place outside the boundaries of your home or workplace where you can be alone or with your friends and not be bothered with the hovering staff to take your order, execute and slap a bill and wait for you to empty space. I love my personal space and I’m very protective about it. So when the saturation sets in, ( being a mom to two naughty boys, I need to reset myself very often) I head to a nearby cafe just alone or with my bestie to spend next few hours in peace.

In last few years Thane city has seen a rise in cafe chains and standalone chic cafes, especially around the Ghodbunder Hiranandanis. Recently,we saw a new chain pop up, that seemingly offered the same space, similar café ambience sans the coffee. And the name “Drunken Monkey” sparked my curiosity. Drunken rings the Alcohol bell naturally..dosen’t it?  But when I checked the menu on offer, I was pleasantly surprised to find an exhaustive list of natural smoothies with the goodness of fruits,nuts and no added sugar and preservatives.

And when the franchise owners of Hiranandani Meadows outlet brother Sister duo Raj and Nikita Gite invited us to Get high naturally( that’s Drunken Monkey tagline BTW) we were quick to grab that opportunity.

  A quick brunch over a small conversation was the plan. A Rainy gloomy weather did dampen the mood initially, but a welcoming greet from the Drunken Monkey staff and a smiling Nikita herself to welcome us, we are at ease. And add to it the really fun n perky interiors of the cafe and a quiet peaceful location, our moods and minds were refreshed. The cafe seemed to have a perfect location on the interior of emerald plaza, to enjoy a quiet sip n bite. With high bar stools, a guitar and fun games like jhenga, and not to forget a selfie zone, this place has a hip factor and a youngster appeal. At the same time the comfortable tables and chairs laid at the center and entrance area, make it a perfect outlet for an evening with your family, kids and friends too.


Coming to the food, the smoothie menu was very exhaustive boasting over 170 varieties of smoothies. The food menu though very basic with wraps and sandwiches, comfortably supplements the wholesome smoothies to make for a satiating and healthy meal. Smoothies most of us presume a very basic blend of fruits nuts n dairy( yogurt or milk). But when you see what the Monkey has formulated, your mind is sure to take a somersault.

So how do you take your pick from a variety of 170?  The Monkey has the answers.

First choose your reason or ingredient. Fruit/Indulgence or Detox/health.

If freshness of fruits and veggies is what you seek,there are a host of fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies, Shakes.

If Indulgence is whats on your plan, then nutella shakes Red velvet shakes, oreos and all the kids classics are on menu.


For those moms like me who struggle to make kids eat their vegetables, blended smoothies are a delicious answer. We tried Pharaoh- which was avacado n nut blended smoothie. With just 10% dairy, the smoothie was so creamy and thick with a balanced sweetness.The taste made me confident that my kids are sure to enjoy any fruit vegetable blended smoothies without any crinkles and complaints.

The meal replacement shakes are a must try. We tried the Date and nut shake. And with 350 ml capacity, its sure to keep you full for hours. So if you  skipped your lunch over that meeting that got extended, or just not too hungry for a complete meal,this smoothie is your answer to avoid the acidity and up your energy level      

Detox smoothies are a delicious way to a clean system. And if you have a terrible hangover, the monkey has a cure smoothie for that too. Protein shakes are the delicious answer for the fitness and gym freaks.

With the smoothies filling my tumm to the brim, I was reluctant to try the food menu. But decided to try a basic spinach corn sandwich. Honestly,I was derasing it to be that cheesy mayo loaded one that local eateries dish out, but  was pleasantly surprised to bite into a well seasoned corn spinach only mixture,sandwiched in between brown bread slices grilled to a crisp crust without that overload of buttery greasiness.

The smoothies are reasonably priced at 109-179 for regular smoothies. Considering the ingredients used (fruits veggies like avacados and nuts ) which are premium priced and total capacity of 350ml. These bottles of natural goodness is a good deal.

Some of smoothies under Indulgence and protein smoothie menus are premium priced for the appeal value and ingredient cost. But most of the smoothies on menu are affordable and spoil you for choice.

So don’t set your favourite unless you try them all! 

As for me, Drunken Monkey as earned itself a lifetime Patron. The taste, simplicity and natural ingredients has won my palate. And the hospitality and ambience will drive me back to that space again and again!

So ...when do you plan to Dunk into this Natural Smoothie Goodness?


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