Farzi Cafe : Enjoy a Farzified Culinary Ride #FarziFeast #FBAISoiree

By Harshada

There are some food places that are on every foodie's list. The frequently hash-tagged,instagrammed ones, others from epic legendary joints consistently serving great food over many years and a few out of curiosity. For us, Farzi Cafe qualified in all of the above categories. Molecular Gastronomy, Fusion Food is picking up in India, and Farzi Cafe is a place giving you a pocket friendly yet elite culinary experience! Even if the above terms sound very scientific and western, what you get on our plate is very much Indian, with a Farzi Twist of course! They love to call it Farzified!

When FBAI(Food Bloggers Association of India) gave us an opportunity to be a part of FarziFeast, (at Farzi Cafe,Kamala Mills ,Mumbai)we were quick to pounce on the opportunity.Travelling from suburbs to town on a lazy Sunday afternoon took some convincing for our lazy minds, but it was indeed rewarded with a tangy Banta cocktail served promptly as we settled on our tables. Even before we could sit back and look around the interiors , the well groomed staff effortlessly managed to grab our attention.Smartly dressed in white n red suspenders, earphones and confident looks, they were all very well co-ordinated and knew exactly what they were doing! Sipping the Aam Papad Banta, which was a Vodka based cocktail in mango juice with a chaat like after taste , took away the travelling stress.

As I sat admiring the wooden clay finished jaali roof and walls and the contrasting ambiance which was a dim lit seating,a long bar and western music being played moderately loud(thankfully not thumping loud), the Food arrived. Though we missed the Mishti doi based palate cleanser, the appetisers made up for it all.

Mushroom Kurchan Kulcha

Mushroom Kurchan Kulcha were small miniature dough stuffed with a flavorfull mushroom filling and baked. The covering got a bit chewy, but the mushroom kurchan filling was worth scooping out from each kulcha that was served.

Dak Bunglow Chicken

Dak Bunglow Chicken was a spicy chicken drumstick, served with Garlic Boursin. The presentation of each item was as unique as their names.

And then came a truck load of  Upma Mozzarella sticks and Besant Nagar Chilli Fritters(stuffed bhavnagri mirch pakora). Both were average on taste but scored a full on presentation. The Kheema Ghotala Hot dog had a flavorful kheema n egg over a bed of soft bun.


The prawn based appetisers stole the show.

Tempura Prawns with lemon aire

Black pepper Garlic Prawns

The prawns had a decent size , freshness and were cooked just right to maintain its juiciness and tenderness. The winner was Tempura Prawns with lemon aire.. though Black Pepper Golden Garlic Prawns gave a tough fight.

The main course was a bit disappointing,especially the Charred Artichoke Bissebelle Bhaat and Wok tossed vegetables with Tamarind Peanut Salan. The dish couldn't strike a chord with my taste buds.

Chicken tikka masala and Naan/Bissibelle Bhaat

Shwarama Biryani

Wok tossed veg in tanmarind peanut salan

But the Chicken Tikka Masala with Cornish crunchier Naan was the best tasting restaurant made tikka masala I ever had! The Shwarama Biryani had a lovely presentation. The mutton was tender and well cooked and the rice was delicately flavored and spiced.

Before we could realize, it was late afternoon and with tummies full we stopped the flow of any more food and drinks , but insisted on dessert be served ASAP..(attribute that shamelessness to my sweet tooth)

The Ghewar Malai Tart was the taste that kept lingering till I reached home. A perfectly light tart sized Ghewar with light cream ,nuts and Saffron Aire or foam was a perfectly Royal way to end a FarziFeast.

Our Verdict: The Bar is where there's a lot to be explored. The cocktails and mocktails were the best concoctions we had in a while.

The Appetizers are the ones to binge on. Especially Prawn based.

Main Course, the Tikka Masala for sure.

Dont miss on any desserts. I m sure i ll go next just for the Farzified appetizers and desserts..

So when do you plan to get Farzified??


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