Lets Go...Sipping...at Gossip-The Café Bar , Borivali,Mumbai

By Harshada

A quick and light meal in a peaceful and natural ambience, is very rare( or can only be had in the comfort of homes) especially in Suburban Mumbai, where restaurants are packed with a constant humming customers, or are located in commercial or high traffic areas, where they have assured business. What’s compromised is a customers need to relish a quick grub with a few minutes of calm and peace.

Gossip-The Café Bar, is one successful attempt to extend a peaceful quick meal or coffee in quiet peaceful surroundings. Located in a primarily residential area in Yogi Nagar, Borivali, this café is easy to miss, especially when you are driving past an empty road, that in itself very rare to find in congested Mumbai.

A heavy Sunday lunch always leaves us with a bloated tummy and almost no appetite for dinner. Same happened over a lunch at my sisters place in Borivali. Despite a generous afternoon nap , the lethargy and bloating still had taken us over. An evening walk was planned as a natural remedy. With no parks or tracks around the vicinity, we decided to take a stroll along the quiet residential patch near new link road till SK club. Having heard rave reviews of this café, and especially of the coffee and Panini sandwiches, we gave in to the urge for a strong coffee to ward off the remnants of lethargy and the Monday Blues that had already begun to set in.

A whiff of mild herby aroma mixed with that of coffee, was enough to churn up our appetite , and foddie sisters that we are, decided to substitute  our plan to skip dinner with a light and early meal. The menu card , tempted us with a variety of options right from pizzas , salads, sandwiches , pastas , and we finally landed with an order that  made up for more than a light meal. A Mushroom and Corn Pizza, and a Mushroom Panini, along with French fries, arrived within 10- 15 mins , and wolfed down in minutes. Whereas the pizza and the fries were perfect, the Panini was a little bland for an Indian Palate.But the bread was fresh and perfect, the seasoning could have been a bit more flavourful and sharp. Mint Citrus and Ginger Fizz , were refreshing, served in tall glasses, however, they should have been easy in piling it up with ice, that diluted the drink and the flavours after some time. The Corn and Mushroom Farfalle arrived, in a little runny cheese herbed sauce, served with buttered and toasted garlic bread. Plates polished clean, toddlers rioted for dessert chocolate cake  while we insisted on coffee. Chocolate Cake was a bit disappointing, the cake was a bit dry , the icing hard, unlike the gooey chocolatey moist gateaux we expected, nevertheless, the kids enjoyed it, as long as it was chocolate! The Hot Hazelnut Cappucchino was a delight, but, be easy when you add sugar from the pouches that come along, as its already brewed with sugar. Our coffee was made extra sweet, when we drowned both the pouches, presuming it to be the sugarless one, normally served across cafes. The bill arrived tucked in a mug full of coffee beans, and that went surprisingly easy on the pocket. A medium Pizza at 160/- and Pasta at 190/- , the remaining items were priced between 70-85/- . The Chocolate Cake was however little expensive, considering the portion and the taste. A total meal for 3 adults and 2 children, inclusive a bottle of mineral water, costed Rs.875/-

Pleased with the taste and the ambience, a curious me, tried striking up a conversation with their shy cook , who told me the secret of their taste. Fresh ingredients, skilled cooks and carefully sourced breads. Well that wasn’t much of a secret, considering the fact that only the best can produce the best! The café also serves Sula Wines, which would be  perfect to pair up with pastas and sandwiches.  All in all a café that promises a second visit, especially for some more of Panini’s and coffee!

Address: Shop no 1, Ekta Elegance,

Yogi nagar, Opp SK Club, New Link Road, Borivali,

Mumbai 400068

Tel: +91 22 2833 5088

Timings: 9.00 am to 11.00 pm


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