Mcllo, Mc Leodganj , Dharamsala..Bond's Favourite Restaurant


My friend once said...,"a true foodie finds his/her way to good food, or cooks it on his own!"

How true it is ! The popular saying"where theres a will theres a way" modified or foodiefied as " Where there's an appetite for good food, there's a place serving it , and a true foodie finds his way to it'!

And, we are a family of foodies! So it didnt take us much of efforts to find the right place , catering to our varied tastes , on our vacation at Dharamsala!


Colourfull roof and a starry lamp! Perfect!

After wandering around in the endless street markets at Mc Leod Ganj , we began skimming through the various "Firangi" style restaurants around. And at the heart of the market, I caught Mr.James Bonk aka Pierce Brosnan staring at me ,through a huge poster on top of a colourful restaurant named "MCLLO" The restaurant boasted to be celebrities choice for authentic Indian and International food! And considering the varied palates fo each of us in my family, we decided to enjoy our lunch here!

What I loved about this place was,its simplicity , well blended with sophistication! A small bar with loads of celebrity pics, particularly cricket stars , and hollywood fames , invites you and in a way assures you that you are in for a treat! A multicoloured checkered roof with simple star lanterns ,lits up the place. And the menu..I must say , got me confused! Indian , Italian, Continental ....they ve got it all ! But the real test, was passed , when they delivered two varied menus , with equal authenticity!

Since my Mom in Law , loves spicy food, and was reluctant to try some Italian menu , we had ordered a Kheema Naan with Gravy .

And we ordered Cheese Macaroni and veggies , A Veggie Pizza and Lime soda!

We were surprised at the talent they ve got in their kitchen , that delivered the kheema naan, hot and crisp , mildly spiced with loads of flavour and a gravy that would compete with the ones served at speciality Indian dhabas!

And the italian menu was a delight...a simple Mac n Cheese , served piping hot , with loads of veggies and a Crisp crusted Pizza , made from fresh dough, straight from the oven!

We ordered for post lunch coffee expresso...but unfortunately, it seemed quite average, but still provided the much needed refreshment , to put us through the cold winds outside!

The star of the lunch was the "Kheena naan" ..which was indeed yumm! I'm still trying to replicate it in my kitchen! But the unique taste is just unforgettable!

There is no wonder why Mcllo is indeed "Bond's favourite restaurant"!


Yummy pizza..thats what i could save to photograph!


That's the bar, couldnt click the celeb pic from this angle, cnat help, restaurant was full!


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