Gits-Ready to Eat Meals

By Harshada

I was never a fan of ready to eat packed meals. With restaurants around and a fairly good cook myself, I saw no reason to rely upon precooked and packed foods. I admit, I still fancy the frozen foods, like parathas, nuggets, and instant mixes, especially, for the recipes that I normally don’t get right with the available ingredients at home, or for some nasty shortcuts, such as breakfast. Gits was a name that even my mother relied upon, whenever she made gulab jamuns for guests. Being a daughter, and having seen its reliability over the years, it was natural for me to trust the same brand. Gits came to rescue, when as a new bride I had to make a mithai for guests.My gulab jamuns are still a talk of town ( now they know my secret) It came handy on those busy mornings, with the instant Khaman Dhokla mix, or the Instant Idli Mix. And a step ahead, I ventured into making Jaelbi’s at home using their squeezy ketchup like bottle. A sceptical me was surprised, when those crisp Jalebis were wiped off the plates with “Tareefon ke Pool” from my In Laws!The Basundi and Rabri mixes made a perfect shortcut on festivities, when there was no time to endlessly boil the milk.  Gits really was a virtual maid in my kitchen making my work easy.

So when I was asked to review their range of “Ready Meals”, I decided to set my reservations aside and try them out. Besides, Gits advertised, they do not use any preservatives in their ready meals, and that really trigerred my interest.

With an opportunity courtesy FBAI, I received my first sample, neatly packed in an attractive gift box, containing a pack each of Dal Makhani and Veg. Biryani with 2 servings.

A courteous letter from Gits, requesting to sample and review their products , clearly conveyed their commitment towards providing quality products to their customer base, as well as understanding the customer needs and trying to deliver them.

Last weekend, our plan to eat out was washed out due to heavy downpour, and since we do not get restaurant home deliveries in my area, I thanked heavens for the Gits Samples! Parathas roasted and set aside, it was time to open the ready Dal Makhani . Professionally packed in a leak proof package, the familiar smoky spicy aroma hit instantly when the Dal was poured in the bowl. With a little oil floating over, the dal looked perfect! The taste was authentic , gave almost a Dhaba like taste and feel, although the Dal was a bit too thick especially for the yellow dal eating Maharashtrians like us.( I restrained the homemaker in me to add water to dilute the dal.) It went perfectly with crisp Parathas. The Biryani was flavourful, the rice aromatic and fluffy. I found the quantity little short for 2 servings as mentioned on the pack.

Gits , true to its promise and tradition, provided a quality meal at an affordable price. I must say, with the cost of vegetables, pulses and restaurant menu sky rocketing, Gits ready meals shall surely provide a tasty respite.

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