Rangat Home Delivery:Bringing Taste,Health and Happiness!

By Harshada

Good ingredients make Great Recipe! I completely believe in the Mantra! Be it the spice,seasonings,oils or even the basic grains and pulses,If they are carefully selected and cooked with passion, the end result has to be a gastronomic treat!

An incident few years ago made my belief even stronger. Due to transferable nature of my spouse's job, we keep hopping cities and towns. So post settling in new homes, we are on a quest to find a suitable grocer and a Chakki for Atta/flours. Rotis are a staple in most Indian households and the quality of flour determines it's taste,texture and sustainability of softness,especially when its packed in lunch boxes. Most of working class in Mumbai ,Thane and outskirts travel almost 2 hrs,sometimes even more to reach work.Home made tiffins are cooked and packed as early as 6 to 7 am, which are then consumed by 1 or 2 pm. So if the flour isn't good enough, the rotis tend to get dry,tough and chewy.The quality of rotis and fulkas made using ordinary ready made attas was disappointing. It was ok for a tawa to plate arrangement, but for rotis made in advance and stored in a casseroles or tiffins, my kids were the first ones to reject. My Chakki episodes were epic! The quality of attas depended on the operators mood. Too much hurry, and the atta would be ground coarse. And if you were unfortunate to have your atta done after a bajra/jowar flour was ground on the chakki / flour mill, your rotis would be a cross breed between a Bhakri and a fulka....catastropic! After all those chapati adventures, I was desperate for an option that offered convenience and quality as well. That's when i came to know about Taste For Life Atta, that was delivered by  Rangat Home Delivery in Thane.(they deliver in Mumbai as well) When called to order, we realized there are types within Wheat flour, and many more grain attas on offer from the same brand Taste for Life. The quality was unbeatable. Rotis were super soft, and stayed the same even in casseroles and tiffins. Kids ate double portions, so I was happy. The flour is made keeping the nutrients and fiber intact so nutritionally also the atta tops the list. When I discovered the Rangat Home Delivery WhatsApp group and Social Media, it was a whole new culinary haven. So many home cooks cooking some amazing dishes daily! So much innovation that it would give any Master chef and food snobs a run for money.

Rangat Home Delivery is an ever expanding business,offering newer and niche products of premium quality everyday. So Rangat Home Delivery ,is not just about Taste for Life Attas, but also has Galaji Spice mixes, Nimeet Spices,Kavisha Grocery,ready to cook snacks,Packed ready to eat snacks,Dry fruits,Ladoos,Mithais and a lot more! The owner Saumil Thakkar is someone who takes his food seriously. He pours passion into his food business. A multi tasker,Saumil not only manages the group contests,Social Media but also streamlines the deliveries and ensures they are done on time,apart from scouring around for some newer products that offer quality and taste for the Rangat Home Delivery customers.  The delivery person always has a change ready,for all sorts of odd bill amounts..that shows how much a person pays attention to minute details! The products on offer a handpicked and tried and tested in the Thakkar's kitchen before they are offered at Rangat Home Delivery.

When asked about how it all began,Saumil humbly replies"Our Home Delivery model of business was started after not doing well initially in traditional retail network. But after the success of Home Delivery model, we are able to find success at traditional retail network also. All credit goes to the feedback & suggestions from our home delivery customers."  The Rangat Home Delivery product list is very exhaustive. It ll take me some time to try all of them, but I can certily vouch for the Galaji Masalas,Nimeet Spices,Taste for Life Attas and the Daraba Ladoos anytime. Ask any member of the Rangat Parivaar and they will vouch for each of the products they have tried so far. The deliveries above INR 500/- are free in Thane and above INR 1000/- for Mumbai. Further enquiries can be reached at :

Home Delivery Of Food Products


Instagram link:

Facebook page link:

Sweet Cell: 9870001040


An exhaustive list of all the products offered at Rangat Foods is at the bottom of the page, so take a pick of what suits you!


A review wouldnt be complete without a recipe using the products I vouch for. So here's my favourite one:

Makhamali Kofte using Galaji Paneer Cheese Butter Masala,Nimmet Spices Kashmiri chilli powder and Taste for Life Sihore Barik Atta


Makhamali Kofta


 For the Kofta:

2 Medium Potatoes,Bolied,peeled and Mashed

1 tbsp Cornflour/Corn Starch

1/4 Cup Grated Paneer

1/4 Cup Grated Processed Cheese

1 tsp Red chilli flakes

salt to taste

Oil for deep frying


For the Gravy:

1 large Onion chopped

1-2 medium Tomatoes Chopped

3 Cashewnuts

2 tbsp Oil

2 tbsp Galaji Paneer Cheese Butter Masala

1 tsp Nimeet Spices Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder

Salt as per taste

1 Cube Grated cheese for garnish

Chopped green coriander leaves for Garnish


To Serve:

Hot Fulkas made with Taste for Life Atta



For the Koftas, place the mashed potatoes in a plate. Add salt and corn flour and knead it till smooth.

Mix the Grated Cheese,Paneer and chilli flakes, make small marble sized balls for stuffing.

Take out equal lemon sized portions. Grease the palm with lil water and oil.

Shape the potato dough into a cup and stuff the cheese paneer balls.Seal the edges.

Repeat for remaining portions.

Put a tbsp of cornflour in a dry bowl,and roll the koftas into it.

Place the koftas on a plate and refrigerate for atleast 30 mins.The koftas can be made and kept in fridge in advance and fried in evening for the final recipe also.

Heat oil to medium hot heat. Deep fry the koftas to a browned crust. make sure the oil is hot enough but not over heated. Too hot and the kofta will burn or disintegrate. Under heated oil will make it too oily,soggy, besides getting the koftas lose shape and getting the cheese melt and ooze out. So slow cooking dosen't work here!

Drain on an absorbent tissue and set aside. These koftas make a very good snack as well. Couple it with Galaji 3 variety Dips and your party Appetizer is ready!


For the gravy:

Heat 1 tsp Oil in a pan and fry chopped onion and garlic. Once translucent, tip in the chopped tomatoes and cashews  and fry.

Add a splash of water and cover. Cook on a low to medium heat till the tomatoes soften and get mushy.

Put off the heat. cool and puree the mixture with little water.

Heat remaining oil in a on stick Kadhai and fry the pureed onion tomato mixture till oil seperates. This takes about 10-12 mins, depending on how well the onion tomato were cooked and fried before being pureed. Keep stirring to prevent burning and heat should be medium.

Now add Nimeet Spices Kashmiri Chilli powder,Galaji Paneer Cheese Butter Masala an mix. Add approx 11/4 Cup water to adust the consistency of gravy. The gravy thickens when it starts boiling and further thickens as it cools, so dont panic if it looks watery right now.

Since the Galaji  Masala has salt,taste the gravy and adjust the salt accordingly.

Let the gravy simmer on low heat for 5-8 mins.

Stir in a tbsp of Butter and put off the heat.

Arrange the koftas on a platter. spoon the gravy over the koftas. Grate Cheese over the Koftas and top it with Chopped Coriander leaves.

Serve immediately with Hot Fulkas or parathas made with Taste for Life Atta and Ghee!



 Rangat Foods Products:

Taste For Life Atta

Wheat Atta
Deluxe Chapati 
Deluxe Phulka 
Methi Enriched 
Soya Enriched 
Standard Chapati 
Standard Phulka

Chakli Bhajani 
Mix Bhakhari 
Mix Dal Handwa 
Moong Dal 
Upwas Bhajani 
White Dhokla

Galaji Spices
Aachari Dal 
Aachari Paneer 
Amritsari Chhole 
Awadhi Aloo Matar Sabji 
Baingan Bharta 
Biryani Pulav 
Bisi Bele Bath 
Black Dal Bukhara 
Broccoli Tomato Curry 
Cheese Dip 
Green Chilli 
Red Pepper 
Yellow Mustard 
Dahivada Raita 
Dal Fry Tadka 
Dal Makhani 
Dum Aloo 
Franky Wrap 
Green Vegetable 
Gujarati Dal 
Gujarati Kadhi 
Gujarati Undhiyu 
Hariyali Paneer 
Healthy Oats 
Hyderabadi Biryani 
Instant Panipuri 
Italian Seasoning 
Khoya Kaju Curry 
Kofta Curry 
Kolkata Bhel Moodi 
Masala Pav Ka Masala 
Methi Mutter Malai 
Mexican Seasoning 
Mumbai Batata Vada 
Mumbai Pavbhaji 
Mumbai Usal Misal 
Pahadi Paneer Sabji 
Paneer Cheese Butter 
Paneer Chilli 
Paneer Tikka 
Pasta Sauce 
Piri Piri Fries & Chips 
Pizza Seasoning 
Puneri Matki Misal 
Punjabi Gravy 
Punjabi Kadhi 
Punjabi Samosa 
Rajasthani Panchmel Sabji 
Roti & Paratha 
Sandwiches & Burgers 
Schezwan Seasoning 
Sev Tomato 
Spicy Kolhapuri Misal 
Spicy Pahadi Aloo 
Stuffed Vegetable 
Sweet Corn Chaat 
Tamarind Rice 
Tawa Pulav 
Royal Herbal 
Thai Curry 
Tomato Rasam 
Udupi Sambar 
Veg Barbecue 
Veg Fried Rice 
Veg Jaipuri Sabji 
Veg Kabab & Tikki 
Veg Khichadi 
Veg Kolhapuri Sabji 
Veg Manchurian 
Veg Spring Roll 
Delhi Chat 
Double Roti Dabeli 
Jeera Chhas 
Kitchen King 
Kutchi Dabeli 
(oil & coconut added)

Galaji Chutney (dry form)
Khakhra Thepla 
Molaga Podi 
Spicy Green 
Sweet & Sour 
Tasty Vadapav

 Kavisha Dal, Pulses, Grocery, Rice, Pasta & Popcorn
Dal & Pulses
Moong Dal (yellow)
Tuvar Dal
Chana Dal
Chilti Moong Dal
Chowli Big
Green Chana
Kabuli Chana
Lal Chana
Masur Dal
Mix Dal
Moong Whole (green)
Rajma Black
Rajma White
Urad Dal
Usal Misal Mix
Vatana Black
Vatana Green
Vatana White
Idli Rawa
Lapsi Rawa
Sooji RawaRice
Hmt Kolam
Lachkari Kolam
Surti KolamPasta
SaltyTushraj Spices
Elaichi Powder
Jaiphal Powder
Dalchini Powder
Chilli Flakes

Nimeet Salt & Basic Spices
Sendha Namak
Sanchar Namak

Spices Powder
Dhania Jeera
Kashmiri Chilli
(Less spicy)
Reshampatti Chilli
White Hing
Black Pepper
White Pepper

Spices Whole
Rai (medium)
Rai (small)

Nimeet Healthy Seeds, Mukhwas & Pan
Ajma Alsi
Chatpata Ajma
Digestive Mixture
Dried Ginger Cubes
Jeera Goli
Natural Mixture
Gulkand Magai
Sp. Royal
Roasted Alsi (Flax)
5-Seed Mix
6-Seed Mix

Edible Oil, Sugar, Jaggery, Cow's Ghee & Tea
Oleev Active
(Rice bran+Olive)
Oleev Extra Virgin
Oleev Olive Pomace
Rizolo Ricebran
Svity Groundnut
Madhur Sugar
(Natural & Chemical free)
Jaggery Powder
(Natural & Chemical free)
Cow's Ghee (desi)

Riddhi Sweets
Anjeer Katri
Ice Halwa
Sandwich Orange
3 In 1 Ice Halwa
(Pineapple, Strawberry & Mango)
Kaju Katri
Khajur Paak
Soan Papdi
Dry Fruit Paak
Kutchi Peda
Daraba Ladoo

DesiVdesi Instant Mix
Puran Poli

Instant Ready To Cook
Aloo Paratha Mix
Masala Rice Mix
Methi Paratha Mix
Palak Paratha Mix
Sabudana Vada Mix
Thalipith Mix
Shevai Kheer Mix

Karrotz Super Snack Food
Family Super Snack
Kids & Teens Super Snack

Mobile Khakhra
Bajri Methi
Diet Methi
Kothmir Mirchi
Makai Masala
Methi Masala

Dry Snacks Sev
Aloo Moong

Puri / Tikki

Whole Wheat
Whole Wheat Sev Puri

Round Khakhra
Diet Methi
Methi Masala
SadaFarali/Upwas Snacks
Farali Bhakhari
Farali Khakhra
Sabudana SevSuraj Dry Bhakhari
Bajri Lasun Methi
Limbu Marcha
Methi Karela
PlainDosa Khakhra
American Chopsy
Butter Sada
Chat Masala
Cheese Chilli
Cheese Garlic Bread
Cream n Onion
Green Chutney Jain
Jain Chatpata
Jain Maggi
Jain Pavbhaji
Maggi Masala
Moong Daal
Nimbu Mari
Piri Piri
Sambhar Masala
Chatpata Imli
Khajur Imli
Panipuri Tikha Mitha

Dry Fruits
Black Kishmis
Dry Anjeer
Kaju Salted
Kaju Tukda
Pista Salted
Walnut Tukda

Other exclusive items
Daraba Ladoo
Kesar Elaichi Syrup
Kashmiri Soda


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Author Sonali sonali@namakshamak.com

Hi! I am Sonali, mom to a fast growing teenager and a homemaker.I love to cook, read and travel ( and in that order). I believe that travel keeps the cook ever so innovative. Each time I travel, I scourge the market places and eateries for some new ingredient or recipies. I believe that every type of cuisine has its own story to relate……One that’s fascinating.Being born and brought up in Mumbai which is often called “a melting pot of culinary delights” helped me explore and experiment with a wide range of cuisines.So come share with me the tang of lime, the bite of chilli, the fresh herbs, the crunch of raw veggies and experience the wide spectrum of textures and sharp flavours of different cusines.

Author Harshada harshada@namakshamak.com

I’m Harshada Sandhan and welcome to NamakShamak.com..my little world of culinary adventure ,where I pour my successful kitchen experiments,rustic learnings and travelogues into systematic ,easy to follow recipes and fun to read blogs.

I hope you find my recipes helpful and my blogs as interesting as much as I ve enjoyed Cooking ,Clicking and Writing them.

Happy Cooking!

About Harshada:

Working professional turned Food Blogger, Harshada Sandhan discovered her passion towards cooking after the birth of her son. The numerous recipes, tried and tested in her kitchen soon found their way on her food blog NamakShamak.com, run by Harshada and her sister Sonali. Mumbai born Harshada is Married into a Maratha Family, and is known for her unique Khandeshi Recipes and Rustic Mumbai Vadvaali Cuisine. She was also featured in online magazines like Salt(Ezine by Food Bloggers Association of India), in editions of Pune and Mumbai Mirror (Times of India). Namakshamak.com and has also won an award for Regional Blog (Awards by the Food Blogger Association of India) in 2016.

Harshada is a self-confessed bakeaholic and enjoys baking treats for her kids and fmaily. She also retails her Baking ,Gourmet Chocolates and Confectionery under “Angel Delicacies”, a venture she started with her friend Sangeeta and Sister Sonali. Angel Delicacies currently operates in Thane and Mumbai and works with individuals and corporates on customised gifting solutions.

Harshada also likes developing fusion recipes with nutritious Indian ingredients in her kitchen.

She’s a kitchen gadget freak, and loves working with modern kitchen tools and gadgets. She’s always on a look out for online websites offering gourmet food ingredients and learning newer kitchen trends. An avid reader, Harshada also loves writing about food and culinary travel. Harshada is currently based in Thane ,Mumbai with her husband and two Sons.






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