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Great Ingredients make meals that not only taste good but look good as well. They say you eat with your eyes first. Gourmet ingredients is every foodies and home cooks dream.

Cooking and food based international reality shows like Master-chef and International Food and Lifestyle Channels have introduced us Indians to Continental Cooking. Its very comforting to watch Nigella Lawson cook up a picture perfect dessert with ease and passion. And watching it all , foodies like me just cant hold back rushing into our kitchens and try replicating them! What keeps us , is those ingredients.... most of us(especially residing in non metros) do not have access to all those exotic food stuff,fresh exotic fruits and vegetables!

I remember how,departing from Mumbai from my parents, I had an extra bag full of fancy food stuff, be it the whipping cream cans, cream cheese,all types of pastas,salad dressings ,cake tins , breads and so on.....And my sister and parents had a wondering look( Are you going back to Antarctica or something?)

Things have improved now! Some of the stuff is available at departmental stores here, but the real exotic ingredients are still inaccessible. But they say,"Where there's a Will there's a Way"...and that will power of mine led me to these wonderful websites that offered most of the gourmet ingredients that were needed to whip up a nice Firangi Spread! And what more, they delivered in most locations in India with a provision for Cash On Delivery Too!

And today is the time to share my experience with online gourmet shopping!

I had been shopping online for apparels and other accessories, but was a bit skeptical when it came to food items. But one fine day, shrugging off my reservations, I ordered some basic stuff from, and that's when I discovered how easy and convenient it is!

This is a website that is completely dedicated to delivering gourmet food and select Kitchenware at your doorstep! Gourmetco, true to its name does have a good selection of Indian and Imported Ingredients,mostly packaged. And recently they added assorted cheeses and dairy products ,that are delivered across India, thanks to their special gel based ice packing.They deliver at most locations in India and have a Cash On Delivery Option too and a free shipping over Rs.500/-
I had a wonderful experience shopping at their site. Encountering technical snag ordering some items at their site, I was buzzed by their online staff for assistance. They immediately took my order via  online chat , processed it and confirmed dispatch next day. Goods arrived on third day after my order was placed.The courier confirmed my presence before delivery. Items are neatly packed in bubble wraps. The Tuna Mayo was delicious in sandwiches, whereas the All spice powder added a kick of spice to my Xmas cake. Cherries and Brownsugar made a yummy fruit cake for my kid and friends.

A new food website offering premium food stuff from spices,organic ingredients, oils and canned food to confectionery and chocolates! You might not find any baking stuff here, but the selection of premium oils, canned seafood and organic masalas and pastas is very impressive.The delivery process seems to be very professional , with usual cash on delivery option available! The selection is quite limited but exclusive, worth a try!

True to their mention on home page, its a simple website offering premium quality gourmet products, delivered across 600 locations in India. The product range is limited but undoubtedly niche! They offer a free delivery for order above 1500 INR, and 15% default discount on all the products, but offer no cash on delivery option. This is a perfect site, if you are looking for specific variety of premium truffles, mushrooms, olives and vinegars(aged balsamic, white balsamic cream), or products like risotto rice, Italian black rice,seed and nut oils like hazelnut oil,pecan nut oil etc. They have olive oil soaps in quite a few varieties too. I would love to try their customized hamper service they offer!

A site very popular for its subscription system, wherein they deliver a hamper of gourmet products with a specific theme or cuisine every month. The idea sounds very tempting,after all ,who wouldn't love receiving surprise gift boxes every month. The subscription fees seem reasonable and available for different periods( monthly, 3 months, etc). But then , there's a risk too , since you might land up with ingredients you might already have in your pantry , or something you don't use! If you wish to buy your own items, the same is available in the online store too! The store offers the regular dry or packaged food items, including truffles ( which i found expensive comparatively), sauces, pastes and so son. I found the cookie mix and the oat bran muffin mix quite interesting!

A retail chain of grocery stores, Godrej nature basket online store , does have some great gourmet offerings.The Fresh Fruits and Vegetables and a variety of dairy produce,along with varied meats,and cold cuts are something to look out for! They however deliver only in select cities of Mumbai,Pune,Delhi,Bangalore and Hyderabad.

A relatively new venture, this chennai based website offers good variety under imported section.The canned meats and vegetables seem great. Regular section offers good range of organic grocery and domestic food ingredients.Organic supplements seem promising. Dips and dressings are huge in variety Highlight being the availability of Cremica products. I m a fan of their ketchup and mayo. They ship all over India, but do not have an option for COD. The items I ordered were well packed and shipped via Speed post.

Seems too be a relatively new website, but has great ingredients. They make free delivery for orders above 1500/- but charge 75/- otherwise, and 50/- for COD which seems reasonable.

This website is for all the health freaks. There are lot of healthy organic grains,nuts, seeds, as well as some Ayurveda foods. There also a section for diet and lifestyle alternatives.

This seems to be a all in one site for all food options. Daily grocery items,household supplies and snacks are available at discounted price.Lots of gourmet ingredients, organic grains, nuts and very traditional items are available here. There is a separate section for ayurvedic supplements and ingredients as well.

Looking for Baking Ingredients?

Being a self confessed cakeaholic, I m on a constant look out for baking ingredients,domestic or imported online, be it french butter, essence oils or commercial cake supplies. My quest lead me to some websites, the founders of which shared an equal passion for baking as well as supplying the ingredients for passionate home bakes like me!

BakersWhip from Bakersville: are our personal favorites. The whipping cream powder is great with cakes and cupcakes are incomplete without the Whipped frosting, that is very creamy buttery. The mousse mixes make a gourmet dessert t home a very casual affair.

Buy them here:Bakerswhip from BakersVille

 Reading some of the American blog recipes, especially on baking , I wished, those ingredients were as easily available to us as to them! But then, we are in India, and bakery products are not an everyday affair here! But CCDS Shop , made it all easy! True to its motto"For you we source the world!", they ensured I have all I needed for baking and frosting a perfect cake at home! Its a baker's delight! And what more, they also organise professional cake baking and decoration workshops!

My order arrived in 6 days including weekend.


  • High ratio shortening
  • Essences and Emulsions
  • Glueten and Yeast
  • Egg replacer powder
  • Veg. Gelatin
  • Cake moulds and Mousse Rings
  • Icing sparkle dust

The website offers Wilton Cake mould's, Ready made Fondant, variety of 3D Moulds, Essences, Professional bakery ingredients and tools, and a lot more. So if you are into baking, this site would be your paradise!

Bakewala has everything a baker can think of. Loved the systematic layout that makes it easier to shop. pricing seems reasonable too. Gel colors at affordable prices,coloured fondants in smaller packs are the highlights. Bakeware, baking tools,piping nozzles, theres a lot to explore. Only hitch, some products go out of stock, so that could be a spoiler.They ship free for prepaid orders above 495/- or charge 49/- otherwise.

This site gave me one reason to be jealous of Bangalore'ite's! A Bangalore based venture, this site offers most of the baking ingredients you can think of ! And I mean all of the magical ingredients used by professional bakers! Local deliveries within the city are made within 2 days! They claim to deliver virtually anywhere, with some restrictions depending on the products of course. The pricing seems to be very affordable,as compared to the websites with similar product offerings! Loved those edible muffin toppers ( not available at any other online portals), Fruit crushes and cake decoration items! You will also find , iso malt, ammonia, aluminium free baking powder, egg powder and ready made fondant and so on! I cant wait to order my supplies , and hope you shall be delighted to find yours too! If you are ordering out of Bangalore, they shall quote a courier cost,once you post your order on the site. But I guess that should be reasonable, considering the goods offered at considerable economical costs.

This was love at first website! Cakesmiths is an e-commerce enterprise that sources, stocks and sells high quality baking supplies from merchants and manufacturers across the globe, to baking enthusiasts of all levels in India. Free shipping above 2000/- otherwise shipping shall be calculated on the weight of order and type of ingredients. The website homepage itself is so beautiful , you ll yearn to explore all that's there to offer. Currently only baking tools,bakeware and cake packaging is on sale, but ingredients will be on offer shortly.

Co founded by Namita kapoor, a home baker herself, I love her undying passion towards baking and making all the baking staple available that every home baker dreams of. Best part, the website offers a basic yet selective products at affordable price. What more? they ship across India.

Just like any baking website, this site too offers basic baking ingredients and tools. The cake packing boxes and paper molds are unique.

The website layout is a bit raw , but the products, mostly tools and non edibles are good.

Some more baking Supplies websites:Each has their own speciality collection of either baking tools or ingredients.



ArifeOnline:Arife La moulde







Looking for Online Grocery or Fresh Vegetables and Fruits?

Click here to know where to buy them from.



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