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By Harshada Sandhan

Home delivery wasn't an alien concept for most of us. I still remember, my Mom had this list of grocery items made every month and given to local grocer or Banya, who was known to the family. The items were later delivered as per the list in required quantities by the grocers staff. But that was the time when options were limited and daily use food items like wheat and rice were purchased in bulk and stored at home in huge drums. Then there was a time when grocery came on phone orders, but again the same was limited to local grocery stores. Technology changes everything,so grocery shopping got a tech touch, and ushered in a lot of options and convenience.

The success of Bigbasket,Local Banya (now unoperational),and many other online grocery sites  has revolutionized Online Grocery Shopping. With lots of start ups offering wide range of household products at discounted price,minus the ques at billing counters, and the flexibility of choosing a convenient time slot for delivery, customers are sure spoilt for choice. We have listed the more popular ones which are operational in multiple cities in India.

Easy to navigate website, good selection of grocery and staples, and fresh fruits and vegetables, along with a selection of frozen and fresh meats, all home delivered. Impressed by the customer service and quality control. The leafy greens went limp by the time it was delivered, but one call and e mail , and the same was replaced the next day, with a cash back in the form of credit points that can be used in next order.COD and time slots are offered here as well.Express delivery within 60 mins is available on select items and orders before 12 pm are delivered same day evening atleast here in mumbai and thane.They also run discount schemes every month.They offer  Free order delivery above INR1000, and accept Accor and Sodexo food coupons. They operate in multiple cities across India. their in house grocery items are of good quality, however, the vegetables and fruits delivered arent very impressive, besides, avoid the frozen items, by the time they come for delivery , they come to room temperature. The ypgurts go sour and foamy,butters melt, imagine what might be the plight of parathas n nuggets. Hope they start using some ice packs for frozen items.

An online venture of reliance fresh retial stores, this website ffers fresh fruits ,vegetables at great discounts and branded grocery items and household supplies. The order comes from local reliance fresh store. Most items are fresh including frozen foods too. COD and time slots available. Delivery in Thane , Navi Mumbai and South Mumbai only. Minimum order INR750 for free delivery ,else they chege minimal 25 INR towards delivery charges for lower order amounts. They also accept Sodexo and Accor Food coupons

Buy Gourmet Food and Grocery has a wide range of gourmet foods as well as regular household items. What more, they have discounts and deals too especially in first week of the month.

Great selection of packed grocery, household supplies and vegetables and fruits etc. They also offer same day delivery for select timings and products. They operate in Mumbai Thane and Navi Mumbai. Free delivery above INR400 and accept COD and Accord/Sodexo food coupons.

Its a Hybrid Retail platform focused on daily essentials and branded grocery.Set in 48 cities across India, this website connects you to the neighborhood retailers.

The site offers all types of grocery,regular and organic and Gourmet snacks and nuts. Also offers ayurveda supplements and household items.

Naturallyyours is a website offering packed organic grocery and health supplements under their own nutrition based health food brand. All modern day health items, like seeds,nuts, brown rice, organic grains and pulses are available, along with pure essential oils like need eucalyptus. They advertise a 30 days replacement guarantee too and ship orders above 499 for free.

OrganicGarden, just as the nme suggests, is a none stop store to buy organic grocery, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. It is operational in multiple cities across India, and also has retail stores


Express Delivery??

Grofers App

Personally, I love this concept. Who wouldn't like if someone buys all the grocery and vegetables you need from your favorite store, and also buy you cakes and donuts from your favorite neighborhood baker and get it all in a span of say 90 minutes at your doorstep? And that too at no extra cost? That's exactly what Grofers does. And  the best part is their reliability, if there's any item or brand unavailable, they ll call up and give replacement options, or at least notify. It's my emergency panic button, whenever I run out of some stuff or even otherwise.

Bigbasket offers express delivery in 60 mins on select items. The items are sold by bigbasket and are not sourced from neighborhood stores. It offers great convenience, when you run out of regular items like onion potato and daily grocery or detergents.

 Fresh Fruits and Vegetables,Home Delivered??

Online grocery chains like BigBasket,Grofers etc also deliver vegetables and fruits along with grocery.
Fruits and Vegetables being perishable items, there are a lot of websites catering exclusively to local market. I have listed a few popular names for Mumbai-Thane region here.


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