Sula Vineyards-The Tasting Room

By Harshada

After reading my earlier post on Sula Vineyards and Little Italy lunch , my elder sister and her husband,could not keep themselves from visiting us here in Nasik , just to enjoy the Sula Experience!

So here we are , on a yet another visit , entertaining our guests at Sula!

But this visit was exclusively for the Sula Tasting Room experience!!

The Blue Mosaic Blacony Bar!

We had planned for a tasting tour too , but unfortunately , couldnt ,it being off season , the plant was shut...Guess the wine was into the barrels and maturing already!! Better luck next time...!

So we headed to the Tasting Room ,that had a blue mosaic balcony bar ,overlooking the vineyards and a Panaromic view of Gangapur Dam, far away!!

The vineyards,fields and dam far away!!

You have to be here to experience it...sipping your favourite wine , relaxing on your chair , and watching the green vineyards and the grazing cows in the fiels far away , with the cold breeze passing by you.....I can sit there all day...especially when there's a faint monsoon drizzle and a gloomy weather!!

Though we werent lucky this time with the weather, since it was a too much of sun...but yes, you are assured of the cold breeze though!!

So after getting in there, we decided to do away with all our purchases...So here were my sister and her husband,totally confused on which wine to buy ,amongst the variety....

After much consultation with the staff , they were finally settled and satisfied with their choices!

And what more , they have a wide variety of merchandise too...T shirts, flute glasses , wine chocolates,cork openers..and much more...

Bar in full swing!

Now was the time to enjoy the produce .... the Wine!!

We had ordered a Sula Seco..a sparkling white wine , and Sula Shiraz..a red wine , along with an assorted cheese platter with green olives and crackers!! An Absolute Delight!!

They say ,time passes by when you are in the company of loved ones.....

Conversations over a glass of wine..and we didnt realised how time passed by .....and then was the time to leave....

But we left with lovely memories and ofcourse lots of Wine!!



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