York-The Emerging Winery in Nasik

By Harshada Sandhan

?Located on a gentle slope overlooking the Gangapur dam on one side and lush green vineyards on the other lays a new landmark –The York Winery!

The growing demand for fine Indian Wines local and abroad and a reasonable pricing has put the winery business in India on a fast track growth. With  a favourable weather and location for grape harvest, Nasik became a natural choice for a modern vineyard set up. With the success of Sula Vineyards, the pioneers in this field, many players followed suit. York Winery adds to one such success story in the winery business. They were quick in identifying the need for a reasonably priced export quality wines, as well as setting up a spot for a quick modern getaway catering to the style craving modern middle class and a potential tourist destination.

Locating York isn’t much of an effort ,because of the  York winery sign marks placed almost adjacent to the Sula ones ,made it surprisingly easy to locate it , especially when you are new to the place and do not know the way to either of the wineries.

Our first glimpse of “ York” happened accidentally, when we missed the left turn leading the Sula vineyards and overshot towards a road that lead us to a modern factory like structure with an Impressive brand name“YORK Winery”. It was a dark winter evening, so we decided to turn back towards Sula, but bookmarked this location in our brains for our next weekend getaway.


With a York Winery visit as our agenda, we headed out on a sunny spring morning. The York winery sign marks placed almost adjacent to the Sula ones ,made it surprisingly easy to locate it , especially when you are new to the place and do not know the way to either of the wineries.?

Unlike, Sula, you do not get a glimpse of the vineyards at the entry. Instead, you are greeted by a huge white washed wine factory unit, with loads of crates and barrels lying around sometimes. But the sudden blow of fresh cool breeze that hits you and the panoramic view of the Gangapur Dam that greets your eyes, as you move advance towards the Tasting Room, comes as a pleasant surprise!


The Windows giving a soothing view of the Dam and the Fields and the peasant life...feels very soothing to watch..Though it must be a tough life for the humble lives toiling in the fields.

A couple of stairways up is a  wine tasting room with a restaurant with an elite bar like setup. The huge windows on one side gave an ample view of the beautiful Dam, the lush green vineyards, as well as the fields and the Gangavane village. Its soothing to watch the farmers tilling their fields with the bullocks, little children playing around the trees, a couple of boats trying to fish in the dam, and those humble villagers watching the cityite’s with utmost curiosity! The opposite side of the Tasting room displays a section of winery through a glass wall , displaying  huge tanks and pipes …a perfect way to show you how your wine is made, while you sit  there sipping your favourite one!



wine tasting



A wine tasting package, with a choice of 6 wines is a great option,especially when you are confused on which one to buy. The bartenders are especially polite ,patient and informative, while their customers get confused making their choices (we aren’t connoisseurs after all!). A Shiraz for a RED and Sauvignon Blanc for a White is a good and safe choice.

Though York currently does not have any flagship restaurants in their vineyards, but their restaurant menu is a must try. What’s most unique is the  all-time favourite Indian snacks they have on the menu! Be it those Indianised Chinese or Punjabi snacks, they made sure you enjoy every bit with your favourite choice of wine. And what more, if the restaurant makes you feel too locked up, you can also enjoy your wine at their lawns, overlooking the fresh fields and cool air. They surely knew, however modern, we Indians, still love our desi bites with our wines!

All in all, it was an evening well spent at York! You might not love it if you are looking out for a lounge kind setup to spend you evening amist loud music and a sports bar, but a calm evening, with family and friends amist natural surroundings is not such a bad idea after all!



The green fields beyound the vineyards

The York Winery wants to ensure we all find our way to them just as easy..So the Map and a guide to their wines for us Amatuer Mortals.











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