NamakShamak is Culinary Blog by Chef Sisters Sonali Raut and Harshada Sandhan.
Born out of common passion shared for good food and cooking, NamakShamak is now a booming resource of interesting culinary creations coming from both the Kitchens and their foodie travel blogs.NamakShamak has two sides: One with a Rustic appeal that focuses on Regional recipes from Khandeshi Maratha Cuisine and Vadvaali Mumbai Cuisine. And other is a more modern side showcasing Fusion cooking and quick sustainable recipes for urban kitchens.
Both Chef Sisters are passionate home Bakers and Retail their Homemade Baked Goodies and Chocolates/Confectionery on Orders(Customised or Corporate) under Brand: Angel Delicacies,currently operating locally in Thane and Mumbai.
We hope you enjoy reading our blog and our recipes add an extra zest in your Kitchens.
Happy Cooking!


Author Sonali sonali@namakshamak.com

Hi! I am Sonali, mom to a teenager and a homema ...

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Author Harshada harshada@namakshamak.com

I’m Harshada Sandhan and welcome to Namak ...

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